Wednesday letters: Republicans cost U.S., themselves

October 30, 2013 

SC Gov. Nikki Haley


Gov. Nikki Haley doesn’t think the Republican shutdown of government will have any impact on elections. Think again. Look at what happened in New Jersey; Newark Mayor Cory√ Booker is the newly elected Democratic U.S. senator.

Republicans have a good case of denial and just refuse to accept the polls that showed Americans did not want the government shutdown and were dissatisfied with the performance of Republicans. Americans also don’t want Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefits reduced, the food stamp program eliminated or the Affordable Care Act defunded. This is the Republicans’ agenda, which they want to impose on all Americans.

Thank you, Gov. Haley, for not expanding the Medicaid program in South Carolina and continuing to victimize the poor.

Republicans pride themselves on being fiscally responsible, but they cost the country’s economy $24 billion as a result of the shutdown. President Obama told them he would not gut the Affordable Care Act, he did not waffle on this, and he did not sell out the American people by giving in to the GOP demands. Government workers never should have been used as pawns in all of this.

The tea party must go; it is ruthless and shows little concern for Americans.

Michele Dezbor


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