Thursday letters: Thank those who keep water safe

October 31, 2013 

— An environmental-systems operator works with drinking water and/or wastewater. Drinking-water operators work to ensure their customers have safe, clean water to drink, cook with and bathe in. Wastewater operators work to keep our lakes, rivers and streams free of contaminants so South Carolinians can enjoy such activities as fishing, boating and swimming.

Operators routinely work on holidays and weekends. Power outages, heavy rains, snow and ice and other such emergency situations require the attention of environmental-systems professionals. South Carolinians depend on them to provide uninterrupted safe drinking water supplies and sanitation services.

Additionally, environmental-systems operators routinely work in hazardous conditions and confined spaces with poor air quality, and around dangerous liquid, gaseous chemicals and pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Given the invaluable service these professionals provide to our state, I encourage you to take a minute to thank the operators in your community who work tirelessly protecting the health of our citizens and preserving the environment we all enjoy.

Heather Beard

Executive Director

Water Associations of South Carolina


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