Sunday letters: CPAs make good public servants

November 3, 2013 

— John Rogowski wrote a very literate and sensible letter published in the Oct. 18 edition of The State concerning the professional background of the legal profession, with respect to qualifications for public office (“It’s good to elect non-lawyers, too”). As a citizen and as a certified public accountant, I believe we might also usefully reflect on the value of CPA licensure and experience in the same context.

Individuals and businesses rely on CPAs for their objectivity, integrity and independence. CPAs bring to public service a wealth of training and experience in tax accounting, budgeting, forecasting and management. The value of these qualities, and of a sincere commitment to public service, may be most clearly seen from their absence in recent events in Washington.

Closer to home, South Carolinians have a very conspicuous and positive example of the value of CPAs in office: Comptroller General Richard A. Eckstrom. Mr. Eckstrom’s professional qualities are much in evidence in the successful performance of his official duties, including his successful promotion of transparency in state government spending.

Dale M. Rhodes


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