Sunday letters: Retain limit on class size

November 3, 2013 

Unlike state Superintendent of Education Mick Zais, I don’t understand how having limited class size, guidance counselors and arts educators ”strangles” initiative in education (“Local control helps schools succeed,” Oct. 13). Surely, local school administrators can still be “innovative” with these guidelines in place.

And the argument that these regulations have been suspended since 2009 with no repercussions, so let’s make them permanent, cannot be equated. The mindset would be totally different. In reality, how many business-minded administrators would restructure a school based on a one-year suspension of regulations, not knowing if those regulations would go back into effect next year? Any?

But, on the other hand, knowing that the suspension is permanent — look out.

I fear this proposal would set South Carolina education back, and no one needs or wants that. Especially the children. And their parents. And the business leaders. And the universities.

Karen Larrabee


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