Monday letters: Obamacare is necessary

November 4, 2013 

Facts and figures cannot take the place of being humane. This is probably why Canada and some countries in Europe have socialized medicine. They believe that all citizens should have access to health care. I believe literally millions of Americans and I agree.

How many decades have a good number of Americans gone without health insurance?

Obamacare is just as necessary as Medicaid and Medicare. And, again, I have to side with the millions of Americans citizens who can finally purchase health insurance for their families.

If there is a coming shortage of health professionals with Obamacare and an aging population, then it is past time to do away with the abominable “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” way of admitting people to medical school. The pipeline must be opened up for the thousands of intelligent people who are just sitting around waiting for their chance to prove themselves to be great health-care professionals.

Who knows? These people who have been waiting may very well be the best and brightest of health professionals. May the good-ol’-boy system in medical school, and for that matter everywhere, come to an immediate halt here in the year of 2013.

Timothy Monroe Bledsoe

North Augusta

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