Monday letters: Obamacare could be disastrous

November 4, 2013 

While watching the congressional questioning of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, I was struck by an interesting comparison: It seems that Democrats were pitching softballs to Babe Ruth on a Little League field, while Republicans were tossing fastballs to a child in the middle of the Grand Canyon. One was obviously making life as easy as possible, while the other was making it as tough as it could; one attempting to put icing on a very bitter cake, while the other was scraping it off as fast as it could.

It seems to this reader that Obamacare has the potential to be the greatest disaster ever to be perpetrated on the American public, and the only thing that could be worse than all of the glitches so far is that it actually gets fixed and works. Nothing — and I mean nothing — is as it was claimed. The president and the liberals in Congress get all the blame for this one, but even they could not have pulled this off without the apathy of the American citizenry.

This is not to say that some sort of universal health care isn’t a good thing. After all, I don’t know anyone today who would vote to kill Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. But — and this is a big but — we need to fix our fiscal house, get spending under control and, perhaps most importantly, get right with God again, before we start playing with trillions more of our unfunded dollars.

Besides, forcing us to swallow this law is a bit like shoving a big pill down a Rottweiler’s throat. I wouldn’t want to be the one doing it.

Hubert Smoak


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