What Richland County voters were saying

November 5, 2013 

The State polled Richland County voters to find out what motivated them to go to the polls Tuesday. Here is a sampling of some their responses.

“I’m voting as a citizen doing her patriotic duty. I’m also very concerned about the situation with Roper Pond (that once served as a natural gateway into Arcadia Lakes but was drained and now collects storm water from nearby apartments) and increased traffic and crime.”

Jane Reynolds, 70, retired teacher, Arcadia Lakes

“My kids love to read. That’s a big deal. I know there are all those things (like the internet) that you can get books on. But you still need to do research and you have to have a library.”

Tywila Walker, 34, assistant retail manager, Northeast Richland

“I feel like I can’t complain if I don’t vote. I just became a citizen of the United States (in recent years) so I feel like it’s both my responsibility and my right.”

Stephanie Wong, 32, nursing student, Columbia

“Jobs. That’s the primary thing. I’m concerned with the issues going on in the down- town area. I think the (form of) government needs to be changed. The mayor should have more power.”

Greg Davis, Richland 1 custodian, Columbia

“The library needs money, but there are people out there hurting. The economy has really hurt us. I just can’t see asking for more bond money at this time. It’s more taxes.

Jeff Thore, 52, account executive, Forest Acres

“I’m voting because my vote counts. I don’t have any complaints. All the violence and killings and stuff – I think they are trying to get that worked out.”

Joanne Burris, 52, disabled, Columbia

Compiled by Bertram Rantin

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