Wednesday letters: Zais must seek to improve schools

November 6, 2013 


— Though Secretary of Education Mick Zais has backed off his plan to amend the regulation that limits class size in public schools, he stated he will ask the Legislature to suspend the requirement again in January.

A probable consequence of this would be increasing class sizes to 40 to 50 students. Florida has no such limits, and in many core social studies classes these numbers are the norm.

In a recent article in The State focusing on school choice (“School-choice backers share options with families,” Oct. 25), Secretary Zais said a strong positive attribute of Midlands Middle College is its small class sizes. If small class sizes are so conducive for learning, why is he advocating changes that could increase class sizes in public schools? And why is he not advocating smaller class sizes in all public schools?

If Secretary Zais would answer such questions and not just dismiss them as politics, he could find partners in improving education for all S.C. students.

Jerry Clem


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