Monday letters: GOP must lead on health care law

November 11, 2013 

— Why not If Gov. Nikki Haley, Speaker Bobby Harrell and Senate President Pro Tem John Courson don’t reverse themselves soon — $4 billion will begin flowing to other states as a freebie from the federal government — instead of to South Carolina hospitals.

Conservative Republican governors — for example, John Kasich of Ohio — accepted such free money, albeit for the expansion of Medicaid on behalf of the poorest of his state’s poor — as per the Affordable Care Act.

But if South Carolina’s conservative “leaders” fear the ACA will result in large contributions — from the poor to their opponents — South Carolina’s $4 billion need not flow directly to 340,000 of our state’s poorest of the poor.

South Carolina’s $4 billion can, under the ACA, be diverted to support all Palmetto State hospitals. Thus, the defenseless poorest of the poor in South Carolina would then be none the wiser when conservatives reject paying $1 out of $10 after this three-year freebie for the state’s hospitals.

As a conservative donor to the Republican Party, I see these S.C. “public servants” as wasteful. Perhaps worse.

Certainly, other conservatives are beginning to wonder if they are merely pandering demagogues?

John Nicholas Hayes


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