Monday letters: Is it time for new legislators?

November 11, 2013 

SC State House


— As I read about another attempt among our state legislators to nullify a federal law, in this instance the Affordable Care Act, I felt my grasp upon the polite words of sweet reason beginning to slip, and I was tempted to utter a few of those words my sainted mother insisted I never use.

In our nation’s past, when some states attempted to secede we had a terrible civil war, and those states were forced back into the Union. States that since defied federal law were made to comply by legal action or armed force. As long as the means and political will exist to enact our ideals and preserve the national union, this will be the response to nullification attempts.

Whenever our legislators pass such measures, we must spend some of our tax revenues to defend them, sometimes at great cost. Inevitably we lose, and such efforts are reduced to nothing more than pandering to the electorate at the taxpayers’ expense. Frankly, if they have no better ideas about how to move a poor state into wider prosperity, then I recommend these legislators kindly resign in favor of someone who can better serve the people.

Ken Armstrong


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