Thursday letters: GOP failed on Obamacare as well

November 14, 2013 

20080729 GOP elephant


President Obama and other Democrats knew that Obamacare would kick millions of policyholders out of the individual market despite the president’s oft-repeated statement that “you will not lose your current insurance. Period.” Meanwhile, Republicans seem totally blindsided by all this. How is that?

Republicans had three and a half years to dissect this mess. The Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia closed a double-digit deficit to a 3 percent loss, in part due to this unpopular law. How might these revelations would have impacted the 2012 presidential race had Republicans actually bothered to see what was in the law before the election?

In the end, Nancy Pelosi was right. No one read it. Even if they owed it to the American people to do so.

David Roach


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