Friday letters: Morrison was a placid warrior

November 15, 2013 

— South Carolina lost one of its finest attorneys and civil rights leaders in Steve Morrison.

Mr. Morrison was a lion of a man who lived his life with courage, compassion and dedication to public service.

He was a champion of inclusion who never wavered in his commitment. A man whose dignity and courage were second to none; a placid warrior — two words that do not generally go together.

South Carolina is a better place for everyone to live and learn in because of his life and unselfish service.

His presence will be deeply missed by all who are the beneficiaries of his love for children, compassion for the less fortunate and willingness to volunteer his time and energy to make our state better for many years to come.

We will honor his memory by embracing his spirit of kindness. His indelible soul lives on in every person who shares his faith in the worth of individuals regardless of race or economic condition.

Together, Steve Morrison and many others led the effort to overcome a system of legal oppression that endured in one form or another, from the beginning of the nation. That is achievement enough for their generation.

The effort to win greater responsibility and economic opportunity remains for ours.

Edward R. Allen


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