Dreher High student creates online petition to protest camouflage ban

ccope@thestate.comNovember 16, 2013 

— A Dreher High student created an online petition to urge officials to drop a ban on camouflage at the school.

The ban was enacted in October, after police warned that camouflage had been adopted by an unidentified gang.

Kailey Addison, started a change.org petition, which now has 102 online supporters, to get rid of the ban.

Kailey said Saturday she and her friends wear camouflage jackets as their main jackets.

“Camouflage jackets are meant to keep you warm,” Kailey said. “They do a good job of it.”

Kailey’s mom, Karen Addison, said a lot of the students who wear camo do so because they hunt — noting her daughter had just gotten back from hunting Saturday morning.

Karen Addison said she thinks administration is taking it too far. “I just didn’t think they should get into the color of clothing.”

Kailey said some students “haven’t exactly stopped wearing camo.”

She said if administration officials see students wearing camouflage, they tell the students to take it off or go to In School Suspension.

Kailey said she has been told to turn her jacket inside out.

Kailey plans to get some more signatures and then show the petition to the principal.

Richland 1 spokeswoman Karen York said Friday no student has approached principals at Dreher, Columbia, Lower Richland and Keenan about easing the ban.

"Nothing has changed," York said of the ban on such apparel at the four high schools.

Staff writer Tim Flach contributed.

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