Sunday letters: Cap on car sales tax is unfair

November 17, 2013 

20020104 AUTO SALES


— Why are our legislators even considering a gas tax increase to fix our roads when we are the only state in the country with a $300 maximum sales tax on vehicles?

Our nearest neighbors pay from 3 percent to 6 percent on the total price in vehicle sales tax. (Georgia, 4 percent plus county; Florida, 6 percent; North Carolina, 3 percent.)

Our $300 maximum was enacted in 1984. Why is this not raised or done away with altogether? The person making little more than minimum wage needing transportation to get back and forth from work, buying a $5,000 car, pays the full 6 percent, $300 maximum. The person buying a $100,000 car pays only 0.3 percent, the same $300 maximum. On a $50,000 car, it’s the same $300 maximum, which is only 0.6 percent. Where is the equality?

Will our state ever give the lower-income citizens a break instead of pandering to the wealthy? Do our lawmakers not care at all about the average South Carolinian?

Wayne H. Daniel


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