Sunday letters: Tea party is a terrorist group

November 17, 2013 

Now that the federal government has reopened and the debt ceiling has been raised, it’s time to ask if the tea party, led by Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, should be considered a terrorist organization. While some may consider this question hyperbole, let’s examine the facts.

Were 1 million federal employees and contractors terrorized by not knowing when they would go back to work and earn another paycheck? Were millions of Social Security recipients like me terrorized by not knowing when or if they would receive their October Social Security checks?

Are millions of African-Americans terrorized by the Jim Crow laws passed by tea-party Republicans in North Carolina and Texas that seek to disenfranchise them? Are freedom-loving Americans terrorized by the tea party’s push to establish a Christian theocracy and marginalize homosexuals, non-Christians and non-believers?

Are Americans terrorized by the tea party’s desire to allow corporations and the rich to rig the political, financial, labor and environmental landscapes? Are Americans terrorized by a tea party that is willing to bring down the federal government and plunge the nation into recession or depression to achieve its political objectives?

Al-Qaeda, meet the tea party, your new terrorist ally.

Larry Knight


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