Monday letters: Black community has got to step up

November 18, 2013 

— I read Warren Bolton’s Nov. 3 column, “Equal treatment,” and I agree that in a perfect world everyone would be treated the same. However, that just isn’t reality.

The difference is that Five Points brings people from all over, including visitors from out of state, and violent crime there puts our town in a poor light with the media, which in turns affects everyone in Columbia due to lost revenue from taxes and people not wanting to relocate to the Midlands.

It’s frustrating that too few in the media are willing to meet the elephant in the room head-on: Why are most crimes, whether in Five Points or on Two Notch Road, being committed by black males?

The only public official who has even approached this subject is Sheriff Leon Lott, and it appears that the city of Columbia has had its feelings hurt because he has pointed out where the problem is.

Where is the NAACP on this matter? Why is the black community not more involved in keeping youth from even being in these gangs, and why are the parents not being held responsible?

This is not a white or black issue — it’s a Columbia issue. But we have to face the facts. Most of the crimes are in black areas. To correct this, we need the black community to step up.

We don’t need columns proclaiming that African-American communities are being left out; we need columns on how to stop African American youth from becoming gang thugs in the first place.

William Hall


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