Tuesday letters: Anderson should face charges

November 19, 2013 

— I cannot imagine what the Richland District 2 school board is afraid of. Surely board members believe the statements of their own superintendent and chief human resource officer about board member Melinda Anderson’s desire to kill a football coach. As a retired district employee, I can state that their integrity is unquestionable, whereas Ms. Anderson’s is very much in doubt.

She has a history of using her position to influence district personnel. The primary “voice of our children” that she provides is for her own relatives. If she truly believes that “God orders my steps,” then she will beg his forgiveness and admit her errors.

Also I don’t understand the actions of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. The department’s spokesman, Sgt. Curtis Wilson, stated that “it was just words that were exchanged.” Don’t words constitute a threat? Does the threat have to be in writing and notarized or witnessed by a law enforcement officer to be viable? This threat was corroborated by two honest, responsible district employees. I think she should be charged for threatening school personnel.

Ron Caldwell


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