Friday letters: Many Americans love Ted Cruz

November 22, 2013 

Budget Battle Cruz


It is daily becoming more evident to the low-information voter what a disaster President Obama and his health-care debacle have become. The rest of us knew it long before it became law and before Obama was elected the first time.

Ted Cruz did his best to communicate the need to defund Obamacare, but the Democrats and some progressive Republicans decided to sell their souls for the one or two pieces of cake Obama and Sen. Harry Reid might give them instead of standing up for America.

And in response to Kathleen Parker’s Oct. 22 column, “The crux of Cruz,” I say there are a few million good Americans who love Ted Cruz, including me.

The House didn’t shut down the government; Obama did. The House funded everything except Obamacare, so the dictator shut down the government until he got his way.

Don’t forget these government employees who were furloughed for a few days will receive all their back pay and keep their unemployment benefits.

The truth is that the big-government progressives — Democrats and Republicans — are terrified of Ted Cruz, the tea party, the 912 Project and many others because of their pro-America, constitutional, small-government views.

Millions of Americans have become educated, and my hope is that millions more will, until we finally can take the country back from these power-hungry, progressive politicians and make it right for our children and grandchildren.

Thomas A. Stollmaier


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