Monday letters: Strong mayor favors voters

November 25, 2013 




— I have lived in cities with both forms of government and will be voting yes for a strong mayor. I value being able to vote for my preferred candidate and against those I don’t prefer. I may or may not be in the majority, but at least I can have my say. That’s impossible when the mayoralty is divided seven ways.

Under Columbia’s system, no single voter can ever vote for more than four out of the seven council members (mayor, two at-large council members and one district representative). That’s only 57 percent. And even then it’s not all at the same time due to staggered terms. Having a strong mayor means you can vote for 100 percent of the office, and all at once.

To me, that’s more accountable than being unable to express my preference 43 percent of the time.

Michael Sullivan


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