Monday letters: Council-manager better choice

November 25, 2013 

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— I was delighted to see Sidney Thomas’ excellent letter (“Strong mayor unworkable,” Nov. 10) educating the public on the evils of a strong-mayor system. It brought back memories of my ninth-grade civics class wherein we were taught the difference in these two forms of city government. After much discussion, our teacher asked for a class vote on which we would prefer, and the vote was unanimously in favor of the council-manager form. That was in 1951, and it still holds true for me today.

Mr. Thomas is eminently qualified to speak on the issue from his long experience as a city planner. I would add one more thing: If you don’t have qualified people with a modicum of integrity in any elected position, it will matter not in the long run what form of government you adopt. Given our recent experiences with taxpayers buying overpriced real estate and city government not coming clean with the issues and solving the mess in the police force because no one seems capable of writing an appropriate job description, I would question whether any form of government will work in our fair city.

Sometimes I feel that we are becoming a microcosm of the federal government, and we the people deserve better than what we are getting on both counts.

Richard C. Stanland


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