Monday Forum: Not everyone’s vote counts

December 2, 2013 

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— After I cast my absentee ballot for Tuesday’s strong-mayor referendum in Columbia, it was revealed that 1,114 votes — all of them absentee ballots — were not counted in the Nov. 5 election in Richland County. This does not exactly give me confidence that my voice will be heard on Tuesday, when I will be traveling abroad.

Howard Jackson, the new county elections chief, said that someone in his office did not follow procedures put in place after the 2012 debacle. As Lillian McBride is reported to be in charge of absentee ballots, it is not hard to figure out who the someone is who ultimately should be responsible for the failure to count more than 1,000 absentee ballots on Nov. 5.

If this does not confirm, beyond any doubt, Ms. McBride’s incompetence, then I don’t know what will. Columbia’s former slogan included the phrase “everybody counts,” but apparently not everyone’s vote is counted.

Susan Jo Tokarski


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