Tuesday letters: Obama regime real terrorists

December 3, 2013 

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In his Nov. 17 letter, “Tea Party is a terrorist group,” Larry Knight has it backwards. The real terrorists occupy the White House, the Senate chamber, and the bureaucracies appointed by the Obama regime. President Obama has used executive orders to propagate his vision for hope and change.

Federal workers were not terrorized. They got a leave of absence knowing full well that their jobs would be secure and that they would receive all back pay and benefits — including subsidized health care.

Contractors always work under the threat of project cancellation, but few government contractors do. That’s why they flock to the government to suckle fat “no-bid” contracts.

Social Security payments were never in jeopardy. This is the same ruse that Democrats and Republicans drag out when they want scare up votes and support with the senior segment.

“Jim Crow laws . . . that seek to disenfranchise them”? Larry is probably referring to proper identification (photo ID, driver’s license, etc.) in order to vote. Why not proper identification? The voting public cannot be held hostage by an extremely small percentage of people (and a large percentage of activists) who use this worn-out excuse to block a real game changer to their vote manipulation. In our current age of technology and identification requirements to pay taxes, open a bank account, cash a check, apply for a job, apply for government benefits, not having proper identification is a non-issue.

No, Larry, al-Qaeda’s strongest terrorist allies are hovering in and around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington. With any luck, the tea party will throw them into the harbor.

Patrick Detches


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