Wednesday letters: Traffic horrific after USC games

December 4, 2013 

— Sitting in football traffic after the USC-Florida game, I wondered how on earth the people who control the flow of post-game traffic from the stadium could fail so miserably time after time, game after game. There is only one way to go when the game is over and that’s away from the stadium.

Not at Williams-Brice — traffic stands still in every direction. Every other major stadium in the country has all traffic going away from the stadium. This is not a hard concept; it’s just hard to imagine why law enforcement can’t figure it out.

The kicker was after sitting in traffic for almost two hours, we finally made it to I-77, only to be forced into two outside lanes of high-speed traffic by traffic cones and almost getting run over by a semi-trailer traveling at full speed.

The congestion created after every game is caused by the authorities not caring enough to do their jobs properly. Coach Spurrier questions why fans leave early. It’s not always to have another cocktail; it’s more likely just to beat the ridiculous traffic jam that is USC.

Dennis Carpin

Mount Pleasant

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