The strong mayor vote: What people are saying

December 4, 2013 

“It’s difficult to get people mobilized to come out in a December election. That’s just a reality.”

Mayor Steve Benjamin

“This was a David and Goliath story.”

Deborah Hotchkiss, an activist in the “No” vote movement

“This is not the time to change government. Let’s grow with what we’ve got.”

Robin Gorman, “No” activist and former Chamber of Commerce and Columbia Rotary Club president.

“If you believe you’re acting in the best interest of the people, you keep moving.”

Mayor Steve Benjamin

“We are all exhausted but we are very much pleased with the outcome of our labors. I have 40 years of municipal government experience, and I think I know what I’m talking about when I am talking about cities.”

Former S.C. Municipal Association executive director Howard Duvall, who campaigned relentlessly for weeks against the strong mayor form of governor

“Through this campaign people have tried to divide our community, but this has always been about the citizens of Columbia. It took a lot of strength from a lot of people to step out.”

Tameika Isaac-Devine, Columbia City Council member and strong “No” vote supporter

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