Thursday letters: U.S. should seek peace with Iran

December 5, 2013 

20020121 PEACE


Apparently some in Congress just can’t stand the thought of not having the United States embroiled in any war getting American soldiers killed. We apparently don’t ever have to actually win a war, just keep fighting. Now that it seems that we might be able to reach agreement with Iran to limit or roll back its nuclear weapons program, the right-wing warmongers in the Senate, i.e., John McCain and others, are determined to put more sanctions on Iran while we are in the middle of negotiations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants everyone to hate Iran so we will keep the military support (in the billions) coming to his country. Maybe Israel could try working for peace for a change.

Can we agree as a country to just stop trying to fight every war in the world and commit to diplomacy where it may promote peace or at least the hope for it? Can’t reasonable people (if there are any remaining in Congress), in the words of John Lennon, “give peace a chance”?

Terry Gibson


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