Friday letters: Properly dispose of nuclear fuel

December 6, 2013 

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It is disappointing that the federal government cannot keep up with the progress in commercial nuclear power.

We just saw the concrete pad poured for the second new reactor at the V.C. Summer plant, and yet after decades of effort by the Department of Energy there is still no disposal facility, or even central storage for used nuclear fuel.

It is so bad the courts just ruled that the federal government can no longer charge nuclear utilities for taking the material as there is no longer any plan for moving forward. They have also ruled that the administration incorrectly stopped Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensing efforts on Yucca Mountain, in violation of the law.

Nuclear energy is key to both economic development and the environment. Here in South Carolina, we are doing our part in supporting the construction of major new facilities to provide electricity for homes and businesses that do not generate air pollution or emit greenhouse gases.

It is up to the federal government to do its part and obey the law by providing facilities for the eventual disposal of used nuclear fuel.

Travis W. Knight


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