Friday letters: America must groom top talent

December 6, 2013 



— Sen. Brad Hutto’s Nov. 15 letter (“Reform immigration law to help U.S. businesses compete”) stated: “To remain competitive in a global marketplace, America must ensure its immigration policy attracts top talent from around the world. Businesses must be allowed to hire the workers they need to compete effectively with foreign companies.”

My question to Sen. Hutto is this: Why must the United States go to foreign countries looking for that “top talent”? Is our own country so bereft of intellectually gifted men and women that we cannot produce that talent on our own shores? Are our colleges and universities (and the middle schools and high schools that feed students into them) so mediocre that they can no longer groom such people for the future needs of American business and industry?

Perhaps if this is the case, we need to overhaul the nation’s educational system and forget about immigration. Keep America first by hiring Americans first. As for the immigrants, the line forms at the rear.

Michael J. Walter


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