Sunday letters: Gun control goes unaddressed

December 8, 2013 

With all the recent gun violence in Columbia and the approaching anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shootings, how sad it is that nothing has been done to strengthen our lax and practically nonexistent gun-control laws.

I’m not trying to take away anyone’s guns. But poll after poll has shown that the majority of Americans want such reasonable changes as universal background checks, registration and closing the gun show loopholes. Yet the NRA still runs the country.

Don’t tell me about your Second Amendment rights. Had our Founding Fathers ever imagined assault weapons and high-load magazines, they would have corrected those Second Amendment wrongs. They were talking about muskets.

I’m also tired of the argument that cars kill people, too. Cars are made to drive; guns are made to kill. And there’s one more major difference: Driving a car requires a license and registration.

Francee Levin


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