Monday letters: Congress should represent people

December 9, 2013 

Congress Returns



The Affordable Care Act came into law almost four years ago and no one in the Republican Party read or understood enough to see that some insurance policies may be canceled. Why were the Democrats the only ones who were supposed to come up with problems that could arise?

The fact that so many people tried to access the web site the first day shows there is a need. Even with some cancellations, there is affordable insurance for millions now. The tea party should have tried to take out specifications that were going to cause problems and offer remedies instead of attempting to do away with all. It is permissible to make and amend laws and budgets months ahead of scheduled shutdowns.

Is the 11th hour the only hour they can work? So now it is the Republicans’ turn to play the blame game. Can members of Congress not read so they will know what they voted for? They seem to be afraid one party will look better than the other. It is time to work for the people they represent.

Pat Watts


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