Tuesday letters: Claims of higher SC seat-belt use can’t be true

December 10, 2013 

— Enough is enough. The Nov. 27 editorial, “Pledges are good, but we need an anti-texting law,” repeats the claim that seat-belt use increased from 70 percent to 91 percent in five years.

That claim is preposterous. Get out from behind the desk and look. After your last rendition, I did another look-see, and I was hard pressed to find 50 percent; in some areas more like 30 percent. A perfect example was in front of the BI-LO at The Village at Sandhill, where on a recent evening I observed four vehicles either arriving or leaving containing a total of five people, and no one was wearing a seat belt.

And why is it, if we have 91 percent usage (and we do not), that in so many fatal accidents, no one is belted? This type of reporting makes me wonder what else is drastically distorted.

Joel Winchip


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