Tuesday letters: Gaps exist in aid for disabled in SC

December 10, 2013 

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— Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell, who is responsible for the Office on Aging, has done a great job traveling the state and writing columns on the needs of those who are aging and who are disabled. People with disabilities are rarely seen and often forgotten. We know this because we have an adult son born with multiple disabilities.

As a child, our son had many opportunities and services no longer available to him as an adult. The 10 “Aging and Disability Resource Centers” around South Carolina claim to be a “single point of entry” to help the aging and disabled. Unfortunately that is not completely true.

The centers have a vision to serve all ages and income levels. While some will offer referral ideas for the disabled, their grants to provide assistance cover only age 60 and older, which leaves many thousands on waiting lists.

Imagine you have an adult family member who becomes seriously disabled; or your family moves to South Carolina with an adult disabled person. These gaps in coverage for the disabled between 21 and 60 need to be acknowledged and corrected.

Beth Miano

North Charleston

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