Sunday letters: SC needs to tackle fast drivers, not slow ones

December 15, 2013 

Mailbox with flag



— A Dec. 4 story (“Bill would force slow drivers to right lane”) said that state Rep. Josh Putnam had introduced a bill to require distracted drivers to drive in the slow lane, so if you are not distracted you can drive in the fast lane. Doesn’t he know we already have that law that sets the minimum speed on the highway at 45 mph and the maximum speed at 70?

The question is who is going to enforce this new law when the old one is not enforced now. If you do drive 70 in the fast lane, you will have lights flashed at you or obscene gestures made toward you — in other words, road rage. Look up the definition of limit; it doesn’t mean you can go 80 mph.

Bill Coggins


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