Sunday letters: Lexington’s new sales tax shoudl pay for needs, not wants

December 15, 2013 

— Tim Flach’s Nov. 11 article (“Projects sought for sales tax plan”) reported that three dozen agencies were being asked to submit projects to be funded by a sales tax increase for Lexington County.

Doesn’t this seem like putting the cart before the horse? The county is saying, “we want to increase the sales tax by a penny — please give us reasons to justify the 14 percent increase.”

An obvious need is what should drive a tax increase. If people need services from their local government, they should make that known and understand that it must be funded. If you ask people what they want, you will always get a long wish list, which the sales tax won’t be able to cover, and the wishes that get the cash will be the ones with the most powerful supporters or the most compelling stories, not necessarily the most justified.

I am not one of those who opposes all tax increases, but the process seems backward.

George L. Duke Jr.


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