Woodyard Fund contributions

December 15, 2013 

For the week ending Dec. 13

W.D. and Mertice Summer, in memory of Dickie Summer, $50

In memory of Alice K. Campbell, $1,000

Esther McKaye, in memory of James A. Player Sr., $100

Trannie C. Abboushi, $200

In memory of Margaret E. Rinehardt, $100

Rayburn H. Butler, $200

Eleanor A. Etheridge, $100

Our Lady of the Hills Catholic Church, $200

Anonymous, $100

Thomas M. Carabo, $100

S. Hunter Rentz, $100

Julia Griffith White, $100

Anonymous, $50

In memory of Col. James R. Jessel, DDS, $100

In memory of our beloved sister, Jean Bartlett Bassar, $100

Sidney F. Thomas, $100

William I. Smith Jr., $100

Terence A Shimp and Judith K Shimp, $150

Strickland and Keels, P.A., $100

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Frick Jr., $100

Anonymous, $200

In memory of Jim Byrd, $100

Dick and Beth Dyer, $100

In memory of Jimmy M. Boyett, $100

Richard Vaughn, $25

Joyce A. Hallenbeck, $500

In memory of J.G. Seastrunk, $35

Linda McGarry, $100

Women’s Cooperative Missionary Society Union, $200

Nancy Thompson, $50

In memory of Kathleen Bailey, $25

Leonard A. Grubbs, $20

In memory of my late husband, Tom Marsh, $100

Betty A. Britt, $100

In memory of George and Leila Sawyer, $50

In memory of Wayne Roberts, $50

Anonymous, $50

Anonymous, $20

William R. Amick, $500

In memory of Trina Williams, $100

In memory of Janet and Buddy Richardson, $50

Frank B. Havird, $50

Regions Bank Corporate Trust, $250

Mary Lynn C. Gibson, $100

Judy S. Pearce, $25

John and Cindy Voris, $500

Lucille P. Mould, in memory of Genevieve A. Mould, $40

John A. Wilkinson, $100

Helen Silver, $100

Nguyen Duc Thieu, $200

Maureen Bortel, $50

Linda J. Singley, $100

Evelyn A. Riddell, $100

Donahue Auto Service Inc., $100

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney S. Locke, $100

Sally A. Pulliam, $100

Kathleen E. Kustin, $30

Raymond L. and Julianne E. Hendrix, $400

Carol S. Goad, $100

Charles Gardner, $50

Rodney E. Harmon, $25

Lillian R. Kinard, $300

Mrs. James B. Murphy Jr., $200

Anna M. Amick, $50

Darrel and Marie Tinch, $100

Dianne Chinnes, in memory of Bob Pierce, $100

In memory of 1st Sgt. Wayne R. Mckee, $50

In memory of Mark A. “Andy” Mckee, $50

Beverly A. Telfer, $600

Wade F. Fisher, in memory of Inky, $200

Margaret R. Rembert, $50

John R. Folsom, $150

Beverly M. Kyzer, $50

In memory of James Clamp, $300

In memory of Martha Greene, $25

Florence Bowers, $50

Joseph and Beverly, $50

Rebecca C. Hipp, $100

Peter H. Stewart, $100

Curtis E. Catoe, $100

In memory of David Chapman, $100

Anonymous, $100

Anne G. Reyner, $150

J.C. Moorefield, $75

Nancy J. Piester, $100

Charles and Virginia Greene, $150

Y.M. and Carolyn K. Miller, $200

Patsy Wertz, $100

J. David Wertz, $100

James D. Head III, $50

Patricia J. Shealy, $100

Katharine M. Hartley, $100

Ola B. Taylor Circle at Shandon UMC, $50

In memory of B. Marion Smith Jr. by his family, $100

Bible Fellowship Sunday School Class at St. Andrews Baptist Church, $50

John E. Aiken Jr., $200

Rev. and Mrs. J.H. Roof, in loving memory of our parents, , $100

David D. Kennedy, $250

Henri Bishop Sunday School Class at Mount Hermon Lutheran Church, $50

Linda Clarke-Myers, in memory of Wally Myers, $250

In memory of Wade McIntyre, $100

Ruta K. Bly, $600

E.H. Pugh, $100

John C. Lee Jr., $100

C. Richard Clark, $50

Mary Clark, $1,000



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