Tuesday letters: Obama could have been misled

December 17, 2013 

Obama First President Bush


In response to Alex Vrobok’s Nov. 15 letter (“All lies are bad; not all are equal”), I would point out that at the time that President Bush offered evidence for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which later was found not to be accurate, the public concluded that he had been misinformed by his intelligence sources.

However, the immediate conclusion offered by the media and some members of Congress regarding President Obama’s health plan was that he lied. Apparently, no consideration was given to the possibility that he only reported what he believed to be true.

I have seen no evidence that either President Bush or President Obama lied, so why should we not conclude that both men thought they were reporting the truth?

Unfortunately, forces in American society today are dedicated to minimizing President Obama’s accomplishments, maximizing his errors and taking every conceivable measure to dismantle the contributions of our most talented president since Abraham Lincoln.

John M. Herr Jr.


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