The story behind Lexington Medical Center’s holiday TV ad

jholleman@thestate.comDecember 18, 2013 

If you’ve seen the Lexington Medical Center Christmas commercial, you probably wondered: Are those really employees, and is that really their voices?

The answers are yes and yes.

The crew planning the commercial didn’t do a casting call among the hospital system’s 6,000 employees. But they did tap employees they knew had some singing talent.

Those who sing portions of “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” in the commercial include (in order of appearance) Billy Crouch (engineering), Cynthia Crosby (women’s imaging), Heyward Goodwin (BioMed), Bootsie Wynne (human resources), Wynne Price (Southeastern Neurology and Memory Clinic), Ashley Warren (emergency department), Dr. Todd Crump (emergency department) and Joni Tindall (Vista Women’s Healthcare).

They have become stars, if only on a small scale and for one season.

The reaction from family and friends “has been incredible,” Wynne said. “It’s great that people can look at it and say ‘I know that person. These are real people.’”

She has received compliments at the pharmacy and at the dry cleaners. Some people have asked if that’s her real voice or if she was lip-synching.

The answers again are yes and yes.

The employees were singing while being videotaped performing tasks, but the actual audio is from a separate recording session. For Wynne, the audio took two takes, but the video required 18 or 19 takes.

She joked that she originally agreed to be in the hospital’s annual Christmas commercial “as long as I don’t have to sing.”

Watch the commercial here:

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