Tuesday letters: Health-care law  too problematic

December 24, 2013 

Affordable health care? Right. Just check the “new” website: $5,000 out of pocket for the cheapest plan.

You can keep your doctor, period. No, no, you did not listen. That means you can choose to pay more from your pocket to keep him. Bartender, tell your drunk patrons to jump on the computer in the corner and sign up for the affordable health care. Wow, just wait until they sober up and see the out-of-pocket money they have to pay before the plan kicks in. Talk about sticker shock.

Can I still go to my hospital for treatment? You can, that is if it’s on the plan’s list of approved hospitals. Some of the best cancer hospitals are not.

In a February 2010 speech in Nashua, N.H., President Obama stated, “You got a better idea, bring it on.” Oops, what he meant was if it’s one he likes. How about selling and buying health-insurance policies across state lines? How about letting people buy what they need? If I am a 60-year-old woman, I do not need maternity benefits or birth control pills. I am a man, and I don’t need them either.

People, wise up and demand your representatives take the health-care law out of President Obama’s hands and rework it to do what was intended without penalizing the people.

Joe Stankovics


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