Friday letters: Steve Morrison was a mountain of a man

December 27, 2013 

Steve Morrison

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— Thank you for the excellent news coverage you gave to the untimely death and impressive funeral for our champion and great friend, Steve Morrison.

In his novel Our Town, Thornton Wilder used the magic of fiction to bring back to life a young lady who died at birth. The day Emily Webb came back was her 12th birthday. She marveled at ordinary events that most of us would find mundane or even trivial. At one point, Emily asks profoundly, “Do any human beings actually realize life while they live it”?

The answer to that question for Steve Morrison was a resounding yes. His law firm’s work on the public school funding case is probably the greatest pro bono legal undertaking in our state’s history.

George Will once wrote that some men are like mountains: The closer you get to them, the larger they appear to be. Steve Morrison was a mountain of a man in every sense of the word.

Joel W. Collins Jr.


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