Friday letters: Dads are the answer to gang problem

December 27, 2013 

— I agree with most of Warren Bolton’s points in his Dec. 12 column on gangs in Columbia (“More police alone not the answer to gangs.”). After spending 30 years working in and supervising our state prisons, I believe that, without God’s intervention in their lives, it is already too late to change the behavior of today’s gang members. For now, only effective law enforcement and fair trials resulting in the confinement of these violent offenders will protect the rest of us.

How do we stop the cycle? In my opinion, it is a matter of family values. I saw thousands of these young men enter our prison system. They had one thing in common: None of them had ever known the love and guidance of an honest and decent father.

As the secular progressives continue to denigrate the traditional family and we continue to remove God from our lives, we can expect nothing to improve. Thankfully, the fine men and women of our law enforcement and corrections agencies are doing the best they can to protect us with the resources they have. God bless them.

Jim Harvey


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