Monday Forum: Christ rejectors not being rational

December 30, 2013 


— It was heart-breaking to read the Rev. Neal Jones brazenly reject three of the cardinal doctrines of Christianity: Jesus’ virgin birth, his resurrection from the dead and his person as the son of God ( “The Christmas story: Neither fact nor fiction,” Dec. 19).

By rejecting Jesus as the Christ of Christmas and the Christ of Christianity, Rev. Jones is rejecting the only one who can lead him to heaven.

If Jesus were not the only way to heaven, then he is not to be admired, as Rev. Jones seems to do. That is not rational.

Let us be rational: Jesus is the son of God, so he could not have been the son of Joseph; therefore, he must have been virgin born.

After his resurrection, he was seen and heard by multitudes for 40 days until his ascension to heaven.

The Sadducees did not believe in his miracles or resurrection, so they rejected even the ones they witnessed. That’s about as rational as the rationalists, the modern Sadducees, are today.

Many verses of scripture confirm that Jesus is all-knowing, all-powerful and all-seeing, but rationalists reject the literal word of God, preferring their own interpretation. Because Jesus was virgin born, he became the savior of all who ever trusted him.

Let us be rational again: If Jesus had not been virgin born, he would have been like other men — a sinner needing a savior to lead him to heaven.

Rev. Ronald W. Allen


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