Thursday letters: Governing boards need to better police themselves

January 2, 2014 

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— The Dec. 12 article “Threat furor results in censure” quoted the Richland 2 school board chairman as saying that community concern and media attention justified the board’s censure of board member Melinda Anderson for her remarks about her grandson’s coach. It shouldn’t be necessary for the citizens or the news media to nudge the leadership of an elected body to act decisively.

The Richland County election fiasco is a good example of the good-ol’-boy/girl, scratch-my-back system. Those who are in charge should be courageous and decisive, and exercise proper judgment. People like Lillian McBride and Melinda Anderson are able to thumb their noses with an attitude of “I can get away with it.”

It’s shameful.

Wallace Gainey


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