Thursday letters: Political elite keeping minions in our place

January 2, 2014 

— It’s easy to get caught up in partisan politics. Left versus right, progressives versus conservatives. Sometimes I think the government likes this duopoly. Keep the people arguing, and it’s easy to stay in power, to dictate to the minions below.

A few examples: A secretary of state who says “what difference does it make?” when asked how and why a few of our citizens are killed. A president who wants to punish the minions by closing parks because he doesn’t get his way; seeing World War II vets in wheelchairs on honor flights being turned away from their own monument is too unimaginable to fathom. A Congress that will not hold the executive branch to its constitutional boundaries. Siccing the IRS on political opponents to prevent free speech and election participation. A Department of Justice that operates on the whim of its political boss and, when questioned, runs and hides under the executive’s apron strings (Fast and Furious). A partisan Senate that changes its own rules to benefit the party in power. All this hypocrisy is astonishing.

What do all these things add up to? A climate of elitism. A national move toward tyranny. A question for all of the rest of us: Does the federal government consider us a problem? Something it must deal with to keep us in our place and maintain its grip? And the status quo is for us to argue with each other while Washington rolls on with whatever suits it.

Tom Price


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