Friday letters: Carolighting should showcase students

January 3, 2014 

— I watched the 2013 Governor’s Carolighting with great disappointment. There once was a Governor’s Carolighting Band composed of high school band students from across the state. There was also a Carolighting Chorus of high school singers from across the state. The sight of the State House steps packed with students working together was awesome. That’s no longer the case.

Because of citizens who complained about how their tax dollars were spent or elites who complained about the musical quality, the Carolighting now uses groups that rehearse and perform together regularly.

Yes, the Fort Jackson Band and the USC University Chorus were really good, but the steps of the Capitol looked pitiful without all those students who used to participate.

The state should go back to allowing hundreds of students to be recognized for just being good kids who have a little talent. Let’s celebrate Christmas by allowing them to join together to celebrate the birth of Christ and share their talents. Shame on the Scrooge who made the decision to stop the tradition of the Governor’s Carolighting Band and Chorus.

Rick Knight


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