Monday letters: Killing trees isn’t the answer

January 5, 2014 

— So a regional government panel has endorsed cutting down 23 miles of pine trees in the median of Interstate 26 from Summerville to I-95 to reduce traffic fatalities for a cost of $5 million.


A full study should be done to determine what other factors were involved in all these crashes.

Were the drivers killed drunk, speeding, texting or asleep after a long weekend at the beach? Are these the people we want to save so they can crash into innocent drivers the next time?

What about the aesthetic impact? Do we want an ugly swath of highway on one of the most traveled thoroughfares for tourists in our beautiful state?

What about the effects of deer crossing four wide lanes with no intermediary refuge? Will that increase accidents?

Expect more blinding sun in your eyes traveling west, and turn up that air conditioner as your summer car ride just got hotter.

Why don’t we just reduce the speed limit to 45 mph and double the fine for speeding?

That is just as stupid an idea as cutting down trees but would likely earn $5 million instead of costing that much.

Peter Beaudette


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