Sunday letters: Potato farm will harm resources

January 5, 2014 

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— I am saddened and sickened that our leaders have allowed Walther Farms, a multi-state potato mega-grower, virtually free access to the Edisto River, one of our state’s most pristine waterways, one that supports a multitude of wildlife as it flows to the ACE Basin.

This company will employ “a handful” of workers, will ship its products to faraway factories and will be able to pull 805 million gallons of water from the Edisto monthly to support its operation.

How is this a plus for South Carolina? This decision is not supportive of local agriculture; it’s just the opposite.

We must demand that our leaders put value upon and protect our beautiful — and finite — resources. South Carolina has been blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. We deserve leaders who will be vigilant and open concerning all decisions that might imperil those God-given resources.

Susan M. Craig


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