Monday letters: Work to make Costco happen

January 6, 2014 

— As a longtime citizen of Richland County and a businessman, I would like to encourage Richland County Council to reconsider its position on offering incentives to the highly regarded and successful Costco company. So many times at social gatherings, my wife and I have sampled delicious food, and when we inquire about it, we’re told that it came from Costco — in Spartanburg or Charlotte.

We could keep that business here at home, benefiting our residents and our tax base as well. Year after year, sales tax and property tax income would dwarf any incentives offered to this company. A thriving business like Costco would not only provide stable jobs but also attract business from nearby communities. Those visitors would buy gas, lunch and other items while they’re here, benefiting all of our businesses.

We have an enthusiastic abundance of consumers here in Richland County who would welcome Costco with open arms. I sincerely hope our leaders find a way to make this deal happen.

John Ducate Jr.


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