Monday letters: Costco has much to offer Columbia

January 6, 2014 

Costco-Special Dividend



— Dean Black will soon need medical treatment for his knee-jerk reactions (“Retailer Costco can take a hike,” Dec. 22). Costco pays 33 percent to 50 percent higher wages than almost all other retailers, with benefits, and it has a higher percentage of employees who are full-time. Yet it still competes successfully.

As you were merrily shopping for your Christmas presents, did you notice that many employees are not teenagers, college students on break or young adults? The retail-worker profile has changed: Many have college degrees, with families to support. A large number are 50 and older. Retail employment is not easy; workers have to stand their entire work shift, lift, reach, carry odd-shaped and heavy items.

So before you turn up your nose at a new retail outlet that has high grades from industry professionals, pays higher-than-normal wages, offers benefits and still offers the consumer lower prices for quality merchandise, please do your research.

Joanne Hafter


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