People help out Pets Inc. animal shelter, where heat is out

ccope@thestate.comJanuary 7, 2014 

— People came to the rescue Tuesday at Pets Inc., bringing in blankets and offering to provide short-term foster homes for dogs when the no-kill shelter suffered heating problems.

The heater in the kennel building stopped working Monday, but portable heaters managed to keep the temperature above 50 through the bitterly cold night, said Jane Brundage, co-founder of the shelter.

Parts needed to be ordered to repair the heating system, so the kennel will be cooler than ideal again Tuesday night. When word went out that the dogs in the kennel needed short-term homes, enough people volunteered that only about 25 dogs will spend the night in the kennel tonight, Brundage said.

People also brought in blankets, because the shelter's supply had been depleted Monday night. Only the larger dogs at the shelter were impacted. Smaller dogs, cats and other animals at the shelter usually spend the night in the administration building, where the heating system is working well.

Tuesday ended up being especially busy at Pets Inc. Brundage said while the shelter workers tried to find short-term homes for their dogs, more dogs were being brought in by people concerned about dogs being left out in the bitter cold.

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