ELECTION 2014: SC GOP asks for cash to win more local races

Posted by ANDREW SHAIN on January 8, 2014 

S.C. GOP party is trying to win more local races with a "Red to the Roots" campaign.

— The S.C. Republican Party wants a better red-dye job in the state.

The state's dominant political party sent a fundraising pitch for new program, "Red to the Roots," asking for donations to elect more GOP local elected officials. Republicans hold all but one of the major state and federal offices.

"South Carolina's reputation as a world leader will keep growing when every county has the kind of leadership its citizens deserve," the email pitch reads. "Yet it's a heavy anchor when those citizens are burdened by nearly 150 years of Democratic control."

The email touts Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile's switch to the Republican Party this summer: "If other conservative-minded elected officials want to join our team, now is the time to get on board!"

The "Red to the Roots" email

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