Thursday letters: President Obama disrespects all

January 9, 2014 

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Ascribed respect comes with the position; presidents, parents, pastors, police officers, etc., have ascribed respect. Earned is bestowed upon people by their actions; heroes, good Samaritans, individuals such as Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Mandela and Mother Teresa have earned respect.

People cab forfeit ascribed respect by what they say or do. Let’s look at three presidents. All three looked into the camera and spoke to the American people. Richard Nixon said “I am not a crook.” Bill Clinton said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Barack Obama said “You can keep your plan ... doctor ... .”

Richard Nixon resigned the presidency because he disrespected the office. Bill Clinton was impeached by the U.S. House, although acquitted by the Senate, because he disrespected the office. However, Barack Obama has continued on, having given the American people dozens of documented lies, mistruths, misspeaks and exaggerations. Not only has he disrespected the office and himself, he has disrespected all Americans.

George M. Rushe


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